Who Should Use Electronic Cigarettes
Electronic cigarettes have become a very popular alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. As these newer smoking alternatives hit the market many people wonder who are these electronic cigarettes ideal for? Who should be using them? Who shouldn't be using them?

Here is a general overview of who should consider using electronic cigarettes as a smoking alternative.

Over the age of 18 (or 21 where applicable). Electronic cigarettes are not meant to be marketed to those that are under the age of 18. Nicotine sales are not allowed to minors under the age of 18 and electronic cigarettes are of the similar nature.

Smokers of Tobacco Cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are meant to be a healthy smoking alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The average tobacco cigarette product contains over 4,000 chemicals and known poisons such as arsenic, tar, ammonia and butane. Non-smokers are not the target audience of electronic cigarettes and therefore should not be trying any electronic cigarette product, including those without nicotine in the vapor solution. Only those tobacco cigarette smokers who are looking for a healthier, environmentally friendly smoking alternative should consider the use of electronic cigarettes.

Smokers of tobacco cigarettes looking for ways to smoke in non-smoking places. There are currently smoking bans in all 50 states of the United States of America. Some range from the extremely lenient type of smoking ban to strict public smoking bans that ban smoking in any type of public place. Electronic cigarettes can provide a smoking alternative that does not break any of the current smoking bans. So a tobacco smoker would be able to crave the cravings of a tobacco cigarette and be able to smoke in a public place without breaking the bans.

While electronic cigarettes are a great smoking alternative for these people there are a handful of groups that should not be using any type of electronic cigarette product.

Under the legal age. Electronic cigarettes are not made or intended for minors or those who are under the legal age to obtain any type of nicotine product. This can be either the age of 18, 19 and in some places the age of 21.

Pregnant women or those who believe they may be pregnant. Although electronic cigarettes are a healthier smoking alternative, they are not intended for the use of women who suspect they are pregnant or are pregnant. The effect of the nicotine would be the same and therefore it is advised that pregnant women not smoke any electronic cigarette products.