Cost Savings
One of the biggest advantages to E-Cigarettes over traditional cigarettes is the cost savings. Increasingly in the United States, the taxes levied by states on tobacco have become very popular, and show no signs of ending or even stabilizing. New York city recently announced additional tobacco taxes on top of NY state taxes that will push the cost of a pack of cigarettes to over $11 (read more from the New York Times). Electronic Cigarettes are turning into a very cost effective alternative to tobacco cigarettes, and the cost savings are only one of many benefits.

Each cartridge is equivalent to 5-6 sticks of traditional cigarettes. Since you can use an e-cigarette for as long or short as you want, you no longer have waste half a cigarette every time you want a quick fix from e-cigs. With the cartidges you don't waste by only smoking how much you really want, and the lower cost of cartridge refills over packs of regular cigarettes, some smokers have realized savings of thousands of dollars per year.